Low-cost Agricultural ATV

Multi-purpose All-terrain Farm Machinery

Agricultural ATV - WorldKar

Increasing global food production while lowering costs.

The traction system of WorldKar’s reliable, multi-purpose agricultural ATV has its roots in lunar roving vehicles designed & built by Ken Rieli in the early 1960’s.  After testing prototypes under extreme conditions, Ken added major improvements to his initial design in order to make Space Age farm machinery affordable to the developing world:

  • Drastically lowered the cost of his advanced powertrain
  • Developed all systems for easy maintenance

Ken’s ATV design was later produced by LTV Aerospace Corp. as the KID and in 1969  he participated in prototype vehicle assembly and vehicle performance  testing at their Sterling Heights, MI plant.

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KID vehicle brochure

KID vehicle photos & LTV Aerospace specs


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