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Frequently Asked Questions

WorldKar - Built by the world, for the world!

How do I build a WorldKar kit car?

The WorldKar prototype is under development. Once we complete the build & tests, we will work on the plans manual. An open source parts supplier list will be posted online - and we may supply critical components in-house.
For a current schedule of WorldKar product build opportunities, GO HERE.

What is democratic economics?

Industry of the people, by the people, and for the people.
We now know that large corporations & governments will never “do the right thing”. Their goal, in both cases, is to make their control over the masses more absolute - through top-down (vertical) economics. Proponents of fat rich industrialists (for example Republican governments) always back trickle-down policies that destroy society. In a vertical economy, centralist control creates dependency at the lower levels & sucks cash flow to the top of the pyramid.
A horizontal economy relies on participation by individuals. People are given the right to invest in themselves, and goods/services flow on a local level. New garage-shop industries and home-based production of food, energy, fuel & transportation keep cash resources in the local economy.
Collectively, we can restore global health and deal with other serious problems inherent in vertical economies (poverty, joblessness, air pollution, climate disasters, fossil fuel dependency). By restructuring into a Horizontal Economy, we will achieve the most democratic economic model for all.


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