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interesting concepts. Sign me up.
W.N. interest is piqued. My '96 Saturn is getting ready to be hauled off, my '86 Fiero needs to go to a mechanic for repairs, and my Y2K Silverado is pushing 200,000 miles. I'm going to need a commuter, but I am NOT going to spend $30 grand on yet another one-size-fits all vehicle, made for a guy, his wife and 2.3 kids. I need a single-seater! From what I just read about the WorldKar, it fits the bill.
When you get a chance, shoot me a  note to explain what is (and what's not) included in your kit car. I've got the knowledge, the skills, the tools, the workspace, the time, the money (or a good share of it) and the need for a unique vehicle that will get me from point "A" to point "B" and back again without stopping at the gas station every four or five days.
Let me know what's involved. I'm interested.

Dave W.

North Carolina, USA


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