High-efficiency Powertrain

Verified powertrain - 45+ MPG in gridlock!

WorldKar High Efficiency Drivetrain

The only hybrid drivetrain proven to immediately reduce air pollution caused by inefficient gridlock driving cycle.

WorldKar is reducing the high cost semiconductor components in hybrid-electirc vehicles to a minimum - through our totally new & proven approach to HEV systems. Our high-efficiency series hybrid powertrain strategy was proven by a major university to achieve 45-mpg GRIDLOCK, 90-mpg highway on combustible fuels.

  • Designed to use off-the-shelf inexpensive components, including inexpensive batteries.
  • Can be used with existing piston ICE engines - or new Pulse Detonation Turbine engines that we’ve been developing for a decade

Applications for this high-efficiency drivetrain technology include:


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