Scan-Ahead Navigator

Scan-Ahead Navigator ™ Autonomous Collision Avoidance

Scan-Ahead Navigation installed in vehicle - WorldKar

The undisputed leader in artificial intelligence-based anti-collision guidance.

Back in 1989 we designed, developed & tested an autonomous, artificial intelligence scanning routine, which remains a critical navigation & guidance technology today.

The Scan-Ahead Navigator TM was offered to the oil shipping industry prior to the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaskan waters. This product scans around the vessel for objects & reroutes around hazards, continuously repositioning the ship to its course.

WorldKar’s CEO, Ken Rieli, then went on to develop the Scan-Ahead Navigator TM for land vehicle use. Installed in a van, road tests began in Sterling Heights, Michigan & successfully continued throughout the state.

This powerful collision-avoidance technology could be used very effectively on the moon, or orbiting the moon - and is far advanced beyond the best UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) systems fielded by the U.S., Israel & other nations.

Autonomous collision-avoidance navigation & guidance solutions for land, sea, air & space.


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