WorldKar in India

Fuel-efficient WorldKar smooths out India's back roads

Srinivasa has an office in downtown Bangalore. The 27-year old entrepreneur acknowledges that the pay is more than most of his countrymen see - even in India’s booming economy - but he can’t yet afford an apartment in the city.

His daily 80-km commute from the rural village where he grew up takes him over unmaintained dirt trails. Forty-five minutes on the road’s ruts & moon craters eats most motorized vehicles alive, but Srinivasa’s go-anywhere WorldKar had its roots in the original NASA lunar rover of Apollo fame.

WorldKar’s creator, a prolific inventor named Ken Rieli, actually designed WorldKar as a personal vehicle in 1963, after proving out his LRV traction system on models he built.

Rieli placed extreme mobility at the top of his design criteria list. Right after lowest possible cost. - His airless tire suspension system was copied by NASA contractors and made it to the moon.

Back in Mandya district, Karnataka, Srinivasa speeds down the dirt trail in comfort. His WorldKar is so ultra-fuel-efficient that he will be able to save most of his paychecks for a second WorldKar - for his father’s silk business.

Who needs to move to Bangalore’s polluted urban sprawl? Life in the village is where his heart is - and with his WorldKar adventure mobile, it will never be boring.

Life is always better with WorldKar.


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