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About WorldKar

Our primary mission & the driving force behind our industrial strategy is to liberate the world from upwardly spiraling costs of living - while eliminating the scourge of global pollution.

Whether it’s getting rid of the “brown cloud” that hangs over Asia by supplying pollution-busting engines that clean the air & radically new motor/generators, or electrifying the developing world with low-cost solar thermal power appliances, WorldKar has developed the most exciting Personal Power & Personal Transportation solutions on the planet.

Now is the time to prepare for the stampede to new products that enable people to rise above collapsing economies. WorldKar brings to the table unexcelled know-how in space-age technology development - and a global strategy that includes an open source supplier network and a truly democratic, small business approach to industry.

  • We supply plans for individuals to assemble our space-age products from parts.
  • Small-to-medium enterprises grow their own assembly businesses.
  • Suppliers pay a small fee & are featured on our WorldKar website.
  • We also partner with larger manufacturing companies through consulting & licensing.

Join us in creating new industries that meet the challenges ahead.


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