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WorldKar PDT Pulse Detonation Turbine Engine

WorldKar’s Pulse Detonation Turbine Engine

At WorldKar, we are harnessing the explosive power of fuel. Our pulse detonation turbine engines don’t just burn fuel - they EXPLODE it to harness more power! And we have matched our ultra-high efficiency turbine engine with a space-age drivetrain that has been proven to deliver more MPG than any automotive drivetrain!

  • The only engine that REVERSES the global air pollution crisis!
  • MORE EFFICIENT than electric vehicle powerplants!
  • Our turbine-hybrid powertrain COSTS LESS than any HEV technology on the planet!

The power to make the turbine automobile a reality.

 Learn more about WorldKar’s Space Age Engine:

WorldKar Pulse Detonation Turbine brochure


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